Kanye West

Kanye West. The mere mention of the man’s name conjures a wealth of images and associations. There is the mic-snatching-incident that galvanized innumerable suburban tweens against him. Then there are the temper tantrums at the mention of the Taylor Swift debacle, the diamond teeth, and the Twitter outbursts.

As much as some would like to, it is a gross simplification to write Kanye off as another hedonistic crybaby.

So, how is it that Kanye simultaneously attracts and repels us so viscerally? I believe that Kanye is simply a (better-dressed) hyperbolic symbol for the grandiosity and insecurity we all experience on some level.

I’m not suggesting that Kanye is a role model in the traditional sense, and I’m certainly not advocating for temper tantrums or the mistreatment of adorable country singers.